If God takes life

he's an Indian giver.

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Baton Rouge Magnet High School - Baton Rouge LA (2005 present)
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american eagle, animals, arctic monkeys, art, badminton, best friends, books, boondock saints, boys, brmhs, bunnies, calpurnia, chocolate, clocks, coca-cola, comedies, cristiano ronaldo, crying, dancing, dead poets society, dirty jobs, discovery channel, disney movies, dogs, dust bunnies, eyelashes, fernando torres, fight club, footballers, friends, fun, fuzzy blankets, harry potter, how it's made, icons, indie rock, inside jokes, interests, isaac brock, italy, jazz fest, julius, kitties, laughter, lebanese food, life, life with derek, love, luca, lunch boxes, making icons, manchester united, mardi gras, mexican food, mike rowe, modest mouse, movies, music, my friends, mythbusters, ninjas, nutella, office space, penguins, photography, pillows, queen, rain, reading, red hot chili peppers, rocks, rome, rottweilers, rupert, scrubs, silver, sleeping, smirnoff ice, snacks, soccer, south park, sprocket, stuffed animals, sugar, sushi, television, the killers, the notebook, thinking, trampolines, trees, unitarian universalists, walking barefoot, wasting time, watching tv, wayne rooney, yruu, zoolander
I like my cats.